Debbie Misra

Sound Healing Practitioner

Originally  from the beautiful Cotswold countryside in England, I grew up  surrounded by the sounds of nature, understanding that music and sound  have profound impacts on the body and mind.

With degrees in classical music and education, I was an educator for many years in both London and NY area schools. When  I experienced a sound bath for the first time, my busy mind  suddenly stopped and I felt deeply peaceful. It was as if I had finally come home and connected back to my sound roots! 

Since then I have been  on a quest to constantly learn and practice sound therapy,  and keep up  with current research. I hold diplomas with The Sound Healing Academy,  U.K, The Integrative Music & Sound Academy (The Open Center,  NYC) and Advanced Gong Training with Marco Dolce. I am also certified in Mindfulness in the classroom and Reiki Level 2. I currently tutor and teach for The Sound Healing Academy International.

I continue to study energy clearing with Eric Dowsett. 20 years ago he  taught me that there is no such thing as “bad” energy – energy just  “is”! This perfectly fits my relationship with sound. From our heart  beat, to the rhythm of our walk, sound is all around us. 

When you  connect with intentional vibration from sound, it is undoubtedly one of  the most powerful and healing experiences you will experience.

“Sound + Intention = Healing” (Jonathan Goldman)