About me

Debbie Misra

Hello and welcome! I’m a certified Sound Therapist and Meditation Teacher, working in the NY/NJ metro area. I teach workshops for The Academy of Sound Healing and I’m also a tutor for online students. I’ve spent over 30 years studying, practicing, and teaching music and sound to all ages. I love what I do!

Originally from the beautiful Cotswold countryside in England, I grew up surrounded by the sounds of nature. I spent glorious days out in the fields and forest, riding horses, and learning how to move with the wind. In many ways, this was my first training.

A musician from a young age, I was classically trained in the UK, and hold degrees in performance and education from London and Cambridge universities. I wrote songs, traveled, and found my happy place as an educator in both London and NYC area schools.

When  I experienced a sound bath for the first time, my busy mind  suddenly stopped and I felt deeply peaceful. It was as if I had finally come home and connected back to my sound roots. I went back for session after session, finding it super helpful for stress reduction and a wonderful sense of well being.

Since then I have been  on a quest to constantly learn and practice sound therapy,  and keep up  with current research. I hold diplomas with The Sound Healing Academy, and The Integrative Music & Sound Academy at The Open Center,  NYC. I have studied a range of healing modalities including Yoga Nidra with Scott Moore, Mindfulness in Schools, and Reiki Level 2.

I continue to study energy clearing with Eric Dowsett. Twenty years ago he  taught me that there is no such thing as “bad” energy – energy just “is”. This perfectly fits my relationship with sound. From our heart beat, to the rhythm of our walk, sound “is” all around us. There is no such thing as silence.

When you  connect with intentional vibration from sound, it is one of  the most powerful and healing experiences you will encounter.