How Does Sound Therapy Work?

Throughout history, ancient civilizations have used sound as a tool to heal, understand, and transform the human body and spirit. We are  surrounded by sound and vibrations – from our heart beat, to the birds in the trees, to the traffic on the street. Scientists know that everything  has a frequency which is measured in cycles per second (CPS), but in our modern day life, the delicate balance of the human body’s resonance is easily disrupted. Ease can then become dis-ease. Sound therapy uses the pure and clear vibrations of sound healing instruments to restore  our natural vibrational balance. Like heals like. The instruments used are ancient and modern, but each has been proven to deliver a healing sound.

What is a Sound Bath?

In a sound bath, waves of sound wash over you. It’s an incredibly relaxing meditative experience! You lie down, or sit in a chair as various instruments are played in the space surrounding you. It’s  different to a concert – the practitioner is not there to perform, but is there to administer sound. You don’t need to watch, just close your eyes and observe the change in your body and mind. The instruments vibrate at different frequencies and your body will respond as it needs to. When  the body is relaxed, healing occurs.

What Should I Expect During a Sound Session?

The most important thing is that this be enjoyable! Your busy mind rests and your body relaxes. Come dressed in comfortable clothing and find a resting position that’s best for you. In the silence between the sounds, the body and mind allow healing to occur. Sessions are 60 minutes long.

Therapeutic Sound Benefits Include:

  • Less stress and depression levels
  • Improved energy 
  • Reduced anxiety and headaches
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduction in joint pain
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Improved attention span