Private Sound Therapy – 75 minutes

Imagine if the busy mind inside your head could stop just for a moment.  How peaceful that would feel as stress melts away. As you lie in a comfortable safe space, I use a combination of new and ancient instruments, energy assessment techniques, and Yoga Nidra (deep meditation) to guide a personalized session for you. Instruments are placed on and around your body at specific points, which harmonize with your own energetic fields. As your energy is unique, you will receive a personal sound therapy session made just for your body. The time includes suggestions for practice. The sessions are held in a private meditation studio in Tenafly, Northern NJ (close to NYC).

$160 Book here

Group Sound Bath – 75 mins

Relax and refresh as you lie down and allow the carefully selected sounds of gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, drums, and chimes, to wash over you. A sound bath can improve your mood and release tension in your body. Enjoy the feeling of a balanced state, and connect in with yourself. We finish with a vibrational pressure point tune up using tuning forks, an oracle card selection, and time to share.

$240 for up to 6 people Book here
For larger groups, please contact me
  • *Public sound baths are usually offered once a month at either BambooMoves in Englewood, NJ or Sacred Space in Tenafly, NJ. Both locations are close to NYC and the GW Bridge.

Yoga Nidra with Sound – 60 minutes

One position for this yoga practice – lying down! Yoga Nidra is a super effective way to change your state of consciousness, set intentions, and find your place of wholeness. It’s a form of guided meditation as you are gently led into that wonderful state between waking and sleeping (theta brainwave state). Relax with your deepest self and enjoy a new found sense of peace. Yoga Nidra essentially means “Yoga of Sleep” – a technique used by yogis for thousands of years to enable deep meditation and access information. We finish with a mini sound bath followed by gentle integration and discussion.

$110 for private one hour session, or $180 for 2 to 6 people Book here
(For larger groups/corporate groups, please contact me)