Personal Sound Bath

An Energy Balance Just For You

Imagine if the busy mind inside your head could stop just for a moment.  How peaceful that would feel as stress melts away. As you are guided to connect to your breath and your body, an energy assessment of your seven  main chakras (energy wheels along the body) is made. As your chakra energy is different to another person’s, you receive a personal sound therapy session made just for your body.

Group Sound Bath

A Sound Journey for the Soul

Start a group or find a group! Sound baths are held locally in Bergen County, NJ. Lie back and connect with your breath. Let your active mind rest as soothing sounds from carefully chosen ancient and modern instruments wash over you, taking you to another level of  consciousness. Sound baths last approx 60-90 minutes.

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Therapeutic Sound Benefits Can Include:

  • Less stress 
  • Improved energy 
  • Better mood
  • Reduced anxiety and headaches
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduction in joint pain
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Improved attention span